Welcoming Team

The mission of the Welcoming Team is to make visitors feel welcome, to guide people into membership, and to facilitate the integration of new members into the life of this congregation.

Every quarter the team conducts a “Membership 101” class for people interested in joining our church community.

The team also assists the minister with quarterly “ingathering” services in which people who have decided to join our congregation are formally recognized and welcomed.

See list of recent new members.

On Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, we recognized 16 new members during the largest New Member Ingathering in memory

Each Sunday the team has at least two volunteers staffing the Visitor/Guest Table.

In addition to assisting with these programs, there are opportunities to call, email, and send postcards to visitors and new members.

The Welcoming Team would appreciate help in making our congregation a warm and welcoming place. If you are interested, please speak with any of the current team members, Kevin Fritsche, Barb Carter, Jan Swaney, Rob Bartel and Marcus Jimerson, or contact Kevin at 573-289-4536 or by email.