Usher Team

Members of the Usher Team distribute and collect hymnals, welcome folks to the worship service, hand out the Order of Service, circulate the collection plates, count those in attendance, and assist in other tasks. If you would like to volunteer as an usher, click the following button:

Printed copies of a checklist/instructions for ushers are kept on a clipboard on the bookshelf inside the Sanctuary doors. The checklist/instructions (PDF) also are available from these links:

9 a.m. checklist/instructions  •  11 a.m. checklist/instructions
10:30 a.m. checklist/instructions (summer services)

Unless the chairs in the sanctuary have been placed in a special arrangement for a particular worship service (e.g., a circle), ushers should make sure that the chairs are in the standard arrangement according to this diagram.

Ushers should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the worship service begins. The usher schedule from May 27 through Sept. 2, 2018 appears belowonly one usher is assigned, and that usher will need to recruit another person in attendance to assist with ushering and the offering collection.

The Usher Team is led by Usher/Teller Coordinator Steve Scott. Most team members are assigned to usher on a specific Sunday each month. The team also includes substitutes who will cover fifth Sundays and holiday worship services and can be called on to substitute when a regularly scheduled usher is not available. The coordinator will remind scheduled ushers about their assignments a few days before their scheduled dates and will arrange for a substitute if an usher cannot be available on the scheduled date.

Usher schedule from May 27 through Sept. 2, 2018

May 27, 2018   Steve Scott
June 3, 2018   Substitute needed
June 10, 2018   Todd Iveson
June 17, 2018   Steve Scott
June 24, 2018 Note: Worship is at 9 a.m. Ene-Kaja Chippendale
July 1, 2018   Bonnie Johnson
July 8, 2018   Todd Iveson
July 15, 2018   Steve Scott
July 22, 2018   Ene-Kaja Chippendale
July 29, 2018   Steve Scott
Aug. 5, 2018   Ellen Thomas
Aug. 12, 2018   Todd Iveson
Aug. 19, 2018   Todd Iveson
Aug. 26, 2018   Steve Scott
Sept. 2, 2018   Bonnie Johnson