RE Photos

Feb. 18, 2017 – YUUTS Class Visits Second Baptist Missionary Church

YUUTS class members and some parents visited Second Baptist Missionary Church on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 as part of the Neighboring Faith Curriculum. Pastor Clyde Ruffin explained the long and rich history of the church and answered questions. He said the “Second” in the name is from the idea that Christ is first and the church is second, and he discussed the leadership role the church had in fighting for social justice.

Oct. 16, 2016 – YUUTS Class Visits Hindu Temple

The YUUTS Sunday School class visited the Hindu Temple, Shanthi Mandir, on Oct. 16, 2016. Santhi Mandir translates as the Temple of Peace. The students were hosted by Vellore and Anantha Gopalarantnam.