Policy on Effect of Policy Governance on Old Policies

[Adopted Aug. 15, 2013; amended July 21, 2016]

UUCC now operates under a “policy governance” model pursuant to which the Board of Trustees adopts broad policies and delegates to the minister the direction of the day-to-day operations of the church. Policies complying with the policy governance model began to be adopted on May 10, 2012. In compliance with policy governance principles:

1. All board policies adopted before May 10, 2012 that dealt with matters and procedures now delegated to the minister under the Board Management Delegation Policy, BMD 1.1-1.6.1, are no longer deemed board policies but may be referred to by the minister for non-binding guidance pending adoption of administrative policies and procedures by the minister.

2. The board has completed:

a. Adoption of new policies necessary to implement policy governance; and

b. Review of all policies adopted before May 10, 2012 that dealt with matters potentially appropriate for board determination under the policy governance model and adoption of revised versions of selected policies in that category as necessary.

3. Accordingly:

a. All other board policies adopted before May 10, 2012 are hereby repealed.

b. The policies set forth on the Board Policies page of the church website on the date this policy was amended on July 21, 2016, a copy of the policies to be maintained in the church office, are deemed to be the complete set of board policies as of said date, recognizing that the board has authority to adopt additional policies and amend existing policies thereafter.