Finance Committees Policy

[Adopted May 10, 2012; amended Jan. 16, 2014; amended July 19, 2018]

The Board will appoint committees to assist the board in its oversight of the congregation’s finances. These committees are charged with nurturing the financial wellbeing of UUCC by ensuring its financial assets are managed responsibly, according to accepted financial practices, and in harmony with our values. The committees work closely with the Treasurer and Administrator, and report to the Board of Trustees quarterly.

Investments and Endowments Committee – Responsibilities:

  • Responsibly manages the financial investments of the church and makes recommendations as deemed necessary
  • Educates the congregation on financial investing and other related matters

Audit Committee – Responsibilities:

  • Receives from the Administrator and reviews monthly budget and categories reports
  • Conducts regular audits of the church’s financial records
  • With the concurrence of the Board of Trustees, arranges for a review of church finances by a qualified person not affiliated with UUCC every five years or at such lesser interval as the committee deems appropriate. The scope of the outside review, ranging from a simple review of the church finance system to a full-scale professional audit, shall be determined by the committee in consultation with the board.

Note: The inactive Fiscal Review Committee was eliminated by board vote on July 19, 2018. That committee formerly was charged with the following:

  • Acts as a consultant on financial matters as requested by the Board
  • Monitors and compares the church’s financial performance to expectations and goals based on the budget and the church’s financial performance in previous years
  • Analyzes and recommends to the Board any changes to church policies that should be taken in response to the church’s financial performance
  • Provides input and assistance to the paid Staff and Board of Trustees on business affairs (e.g. property and liability insurance, budget, etc.)