Ends Statements

[Adopted Feb. 20, 2014; amended May 19, 2016; amended June 16, 2016; amended Feb. 16, 2017]

1. UUCC is a warm and rich community. We live our radical welcome by inviting all who hunger for deeper connection into a mutual journey of growth and transformation.

2. UUCC embodies courageous love by challenging ourselves and working with others to be the change we want to see. Together we move outside our comfort zones as we work for justice and to help heal the world. In particular, we lead in the struggle against racism and for LGBTQ rights, distributive justice, and environmental sustainability.

3. UUCC nourishes a spirit of curiosity and open, reasoned, and critical inquiry. To this end, our members and friends of all ages, abilities, beliefs, and life experiences are seriously engaged with a lively process of spiritual growth and continuing education, and their lives are marked by increased wholeness, inspiration, hope, and courage.