Policy on Delegates to Denominational Assemblies

[Adopted May 15, 2014]

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia (UUCC) is authorized by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to have one delegate to the General Assembly for each 50 members or part thereof and is authorized by the MidAmerica Region UUA to have the same number of delegates to regional assemblies. This policy applies to UUCC delegates to both the General Assembly and regional assemblies.

Qualifications of Delegates

Delegates shall be voting members of UUCC who have been actively engaged in church activities during the previous church year. Active engagement shall consist of financial contributions (unless waived by the minister), participation in church committees and/or ministries, and regular attendance at worship services or regular religious education involvement.

Selection of Delegates; Credentials

The Board of Trustees Nominating Committee is charged with recruiting and nominating delegates and shall develop its own procedures for doing so. The committee shall actively solicit input from the congregation to identify qualified prospective delegates. The committee may consult with the minister or minister’s designee to determine whether prospective delegates meet the qualifications. The Nominating Committee shall present its nominations for delegates to the board. Delegate selection shall be by majority vote of the board. Delegate credentials signed by the president, secretary or minister shall be issued to delegates.

Instruction of Delegates

The board shall disseminate information to the congregation about issues to be addressed at upcoming General Assembly or regional assemblies and solicit feedback from the congregation on them. Taking the congregation’s feedback into account, if the board determines by majority vote that UUCC should take a particular position on one or more matters scheduled to come before the General Assembly or a regional assembly, the board shall issue instructions to delegates about how to vote on such matters. By accepting selection as delegates, the delegates agree to follow the board’s instructions. On other matters, delegates should consult with other UUCC delegates and vote their consciences.

Duties of Delegates

Delegates are expected to fulfill the following duties:

  1. They will attend the General Assembly or regional assembly as representatives of UUCC.
  2. They will present their credentials to the proper authorities at the assembly in a timely manner.
  3. They will inform themselves on the resolutions, candidates and other business scheduled to come before the delegates.
  4. They will attend plenary sessions of the assembly as necessary to represent UUCC’s interests and vote on resolutions, candidates and other business on behalf of UUCC, following the board’s instructions as applicable.
  5. They will attend as wide a range of workshops as can be arranged among them.
  6. After the assembly, they will report to the board about their activities, what they learned, and major decisions made at the assembly. The board shall share this information with the congregation.

Funding of Delegates

UUCC will cover registration costs for delegates and will endeavor to help defray travel and lodging costs.