Feb. 18, 2017 – Climate Change Program at UUCC

The MU Peace Studies Program presented “Climate Change & Global Climate Justice: Moral and Practical Imperatives For Action” at UUCC on Saturday evening, Feb. 18.

The first speaker was UUCC member Paul Wallace, a member of Friends of Peace Studies, who is an MU Professor Emeritus of Political Science and served as a consultant to the Obama Administration on the political effects of global warming on South Asia.

Other speakers were Sam Johnson, an MU student representing the Missouri Energy Action Coalition, who discussed the current campaign to persuade the university to divest its fossil fuel investments, and Chris Robinson, Co-President of Friends of Peace Studies, who spoke on the moral argument for divestment, citing the recent faith-based divestment initiatives.

A question-and-answer session and open-mike discussion was moderated by Clarence Lo, MU Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Peace Studies program.

Thanks to Fran Reynolds for providing the three photos in the gallery below.