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Book Table
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Book Table

A member peruses a book at the Book Table

The Book Table and cabinet are next to the seating area in the main greeting area of the church. It contains books on topics such as:

  • Unitarian Universalist theology and history
  • Peace-making and peace-building
  • Parenting
  • Meditation, poetry and spirituality
  • Personal growth
  • World religions
  • Social issues and current events
  • UU children’s and teen’s books

The Book Table is a service that supports religious education programs in the church and the reading interests of church members and friends. Some books are by local UU authors who often donate part or all of the proceeds to the Book Table fund.

Members of the Book Table Team take turns staffing the table. Jenny Bossaller is currently leading the team and is helped by Bill McMillin and Betty Acree.

Books are ordered from the UUA Bookstore. When ten or more books are ordered, the book table receives a 40% discount. No profit is made from the book sales. The Book Table is not a fundraising activity.

The team also manages a used book cart where used books donated by church members and friends are sold.

Book Ordering:

When the book table inventory gets a bit low, we will order books from UUA Bookstore from the new and recommended list.

However, we do want to accommodate all of the groups in our community. If you are in a small group or an individual that wants a book from UUA, please let us know and we will order it. Please note that special order books will be sold at full price unless they are part of a 10-book order so that we can pass along a discount.

Book Table Team Responsibilities:

  • Staff the book table between our two services on third and fourth Sundays of each month. The table may be open before and after, as well.
  • Keep accurate records. A year-end report and inventory will be done every July.
  • Order books based on suggestions from the Book Table Team, from church members and from book reviews, UUA Book News, etc.


  • The Book Table is self-supporting and maintains a “buffer” of $500 in case there is a cash-flow problem. The Book Table funds are on-going and do not close out at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Books are priced with appropriate discount, and no taxes are charged.

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Used Book Cart

How does it work? Members bring their used books to the book cart. Folks browse the cart, taking the books they want to read. A small monetary donation is requested and can be left in the conveniently placed collection box. Donations are entirely voluntary.

Where is the Book Cart? It’s located in the hallway opposite the coat racks in the greeting area.

Who gets the money? The church administrator collects the money and deposits it to the church bank account every week. The funds are credited to the “fundraising” income category of the general operating budget.

Why should I participate? You will benefit by reducing the number of books in your house, by sharing interesting books with fellow members and friends, enjoying new books from others, and by contributing in a small way to the church’s finances.

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