Board Committees

Under the “policy governance” structure put in place starting in 2010-11, governance responsibilities are assigned as follows:

  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for formulating policies, articulating the church’s vision and mission, providing resources, and evaluating programs.
  • The minister is responsible not only for traditional pastoral duties but also for supervising staff members and volunteers in the work of all the church’s ministries.

See the Governance Overview page for a further explanation of the realms of responsibility of the board and minister. Under this structure, a limited number of committees report directly to the board, while a larger number of teams and ministries are under the supervision of the minister. There are also three “hybrid committees” that serve and report to both the board and the minister. This page covers only the committees reporting directly to the Board of Trustees and the hybrid committees. For information on the ministry teams supervised by the Minister, see the Ministries page.

Committees Reporting to the Board Only

Executive Committee

The board has designated the President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer as members of the Executive Committee, which is authorized by church bylaws to exercise the board’s authority to the extent provided by board resolution and ordinarily does so only when there is a need for prompt action before a board meeting can be held. The current President chairs the Executive Committee. The minister is an ex officio participant at Executive Committee meetings.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating church members to serve on the Board of Trustees and recruiting committee members and delegates to the MidAmerica Region Assembly and UUA General Assembly. Board members are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting in April, May or June and take office July 1. The Nominating Committee traditionally has been chaired by the immediate past President.

2017-18 Nominating Committee members are Jeremy Milarsky, immediate past President, Peter Holmes and Kevin Fritsche.

Fiscal Review Committee

The Fiscal Review Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Acts as a consultant on financial matters as requested by the Board
  • Monitors and compares the church’s financial performance to expectations and goals based on the budget and the church’s financial performance in previous years
  • Analyzes and recommends to the Board any changes to church policies that should be taken in response to the church’s financial performance
  • Provides input and assistance to the paid Staff and Board of Trustees on business affairs (e.g. property and liability insurance, budget, etc.)

Current members: Diane Suhler, Chair, and Marian Hjelmfelt, Allen Hjelmfelt, Roy Keller, Kate Mears, Jeremy Milarsky, Kathie Bergman and Corinne Mann.

Investments and Endowments Committee

The Investments and Endowments Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Manages the financial investments of the church and makes recommendations as deemed necessary
  • Educates the congregation on financial investing and other related matters

Current members: Pam Springsteel, Chair, and Jack Clark, David Leuthold, Margaret Tyler, Winifred Scott, and Dan French.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Receives from the Administrator and reviews monthly budget and categories reports
  • Conducts regular audits of the church’s financial records
  • Cooperates with the board in arranging a professional (outside) financial review every five years

Current members: Elaine Martin, Chair, and Pam Springsteel and Barbara Montgomery.

Hybrid Committees

The following committees serve and report to both the board and the minister:

Committee on Ministry

This committee’s role is to promote the spiritual health and well-being of UUCC and its members. The committee promotes congregational ownership and fulfillment of the mission; evaluates the church’s ministries as they relate to our mission and vision; and cultivates open and appropriate communication among the minister, the board, ministry teams and the congregation.

Current members: Qhyrrae Michaelieu, Chair, and Amy Ewing, Jeremy Duke, Scott Denson, Steve Zweig, and the Rev. Molly Housh Gordon (ex officio).

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for the development of personnel policies and evaluation as directed by the Board of Trustees. The committee advises the minister and the board on personnel issues as necessary.

Current members: Mary Beth Schillinger, Convener, and Howard Hutton, Linda Headrick and the Rev. Molly Housh Gordon (ex officio).

Peace Building Team

The Board of Trustees envisions a church culture in which everyone understands and acts on the belief that conflict among individuals and groups presents an opportunity for constructive dialog and creative change, both on a personal and institutional level. The purpose of the Peace Building Team is to help people or groups solve their own problems. Mediators/facilitators remain neutral about the issues at hand, and they do not offer solutions. The solutions are developed by the people with the problem. The conflict resolution process is confidential, and records are kept without names in order to protect identities of the people involved. The goal is to help understand each other’s point of view and work toward a solution that is clear, mutual, and workable. Because our community is so important to us, we feel this is the best way to preserve relationships and follow our principles in finding positive solutions to disagreements and conflicts.

Current members: Kakie Love, Chair, and Casey Holmes, Fran Reynolds, Todd Iveson, Howard Hutton, and Jeremy Duke.

Safer Congregation Committee

The committee’s primary responsibility is to develop, update and monitor the implementation of the safer congregation policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Trustees and related administrative policies and procedures adopted by the minister. The committee shall review existing safer congregation policies and procedures at least annually and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees and minister for changes and additions. The committee also serves as a review and response team in cases in which a person participating or seeking to participate in the church has a history of one or more sexual offenses or has been accused of a sexual offense.

Current members: The committee was established by a new board policy adopted Oct. 22, 2015. Appointment of members is pending.

Note: The following finance-related groups formerly reporting to the Board of Trustees are now under the supervision of the Minister (see Ministries page):

  • Budget Team
  • Stewardship Team
  • Fundraising Team
  • Planned Giving Team