Disability rights film to be shown Sept. 23

“Lives Worth Living,” a 2011 documentary about the Disability Rights Movement, will be shown in our sanctuary at 12:30 p.m Sunday, Sept. 23.

The showing, sponsored by our Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry Team, will be followed by a discussion of how people with disabilities and their allies are still struggling for their rights today. A light lunch and childcare will be provided. The program is expected to end about 2 p.m.

The documentary is universally designed with closed captioning and audio description. Director Eric Neudel described the film:

Echoing footage of Martin Luther King marching in Selma, we see protestors climb from wheelchairs and drag themselves courageously up courthouse steps; we watch as quadriplegic activists maneuver their chairs in front of public buses that are not equipped to accommodate them.

The film ends with the dramatic battle for the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most important pieces of civil rights legislation in America’s history. The thousands of individuals who came together to change attitudes and laws demonstrated the power of humanity, cooperation, and self-determination, and what can be accomplished against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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