President’s Perspective

Summer should get a speeding ticket.” – Unknown

By Barbara Rupp, 2018-19 President

Normally, summer seems the most fleeting of seasons to me (though I’m pretty sure that Missouri’s spring of 2018 lasted only about 10 days!). Still, even though I am not a fan of the heat and humidity of summer, it is a bit of a magical season for me. Kids are typically out of school, with no pressure about homework and tests. Some were lucky enough to have a family vacation, or at least some picnics, or a trip to a lake or river for a float trip. Sometimes just watching fireflies on a summer evening can bring some very special memories.

As summer winds down and fall schedules power up, I hope each of us can find moments within our weeks to remember the best of this summer or summers of our past and let those memories bring a smile to our face and needed feelings of relaxation when most needed.

This fall will bring plenty to keep us busy, and much that can bring us anxiety and stress. Let us help each other find those moments of summer when most needed.