President’s Perspective

Thank you for the privilege of serving

By Todd Iveson, 2017-18 President

This will be my last newsletter column as president. It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve our congregation in this capacity and to share some of my thoughts about us in these articles. I will miss this but am excited to pass the baton to President-Elect Barbara Rupp, who I am confident will be a wonderful president.

In this final message, I want to encourage all of us to seek out ways we can each fulfill our ministries through service in this church. Many say that you get out of any endeavor what you put into it. I believe from my own experience that this is particularly true for participation in this congregation.

It is okay to be a religious consumer, dropping in on Sunday mornings for worship and youth religious education but with little other involvement in church life. We are here for you and welcome you when you grace our door. But I believe you are missing out on so much more that we have to offer you.

Through the many opportunities I have had to serve over the years, I have developed an understanding of the multitude of ways in which we serve our congregation and our community. I also have a much greater appreciation of the contributions each of you makes that help make this all possible. As a result, I can also appreciate how my small contributions combine with all of yours. I am very proud of what we do together.

I want to put in a specific plug for service on our Board of Trustees. I believe firmly that our board and congregation are best served by having as diverse a board as possible, including age, race, gender, physical ability, theology and skills. There is no single “ideal” board member. If you are willing to listen, ask questions and speak out, you are a good candidate for the board. It is a job, but being on the board is the best way to learn about the many facets that make up UUCC. You won’t regret it if you choose to serve.

Thank you all for the privilege of serving as your president. In particular, I want to thank my fellow board members who have been so forgiving of my many shortcomings – Jenny, Sam, Patty, Peter, Mark, Gretchen, Mindy and Barbara – and also our wonderful staff members, who keep it all going for the rest of us – Rev. Molly, Kathie (we’ll miss you!), Jamila, Marques, Arun and April.

P.S. This isn’t goodbye. I still have another year on the board and plan to remain active in our congregation for many years to come. See you all around!