Memorial for Naoma Powell

From Kathie Bergman, Church Administrator:

Naoma Powell was a member of UUCC and one of its most dedicated supporters. For 30 years, she designed and created our banners and provided flowers and other adornments for our sanctuary. Each year, she wrote a poem on the theme of water, and for many years that poem was part of a choral reading for our fall water ceremony.

A few years ago, Naoma died in poverty – not destitution, but a chosen path in life. She was trained as a potter and dedicated her life to bringing potting and other art forms to people whose opportunities were limited. She used her own resources to create Access Arts for young people with serious handicaps. She became a skilled grant writer to develop a fine facility that is still in our community. She used none of those grants to support herself, but lived simply and frugally.

If there was ever a person in our midst who would qualify as a saint in other religious traditions, it was Naoma Powell. Some of us who treasure her generosity would like to dedicate a bench in our memorial garden to her memory. We can do it for about $800. If you knew Naoma, or if you value what she stood for, please consider a contribution to the Naoma Powell Memorial Fund. Checks should be made out to UUCC with Powell Fund in the memo line.