Social Action Team update – 2018 April

From Andrew Twaddle and Marg Tyler, SAT Co-Chairs

Accomplishments this year

Our church did an amazing job last December when Room at the Inn was our guest at UUCC. You all stepped up to fill volunteer slots, so RATI had very few unfilled volunteer positions while they were with us. Almost all the volunteers in December were UUCC members. So to everyone who volunteered, a huge thanks for showing our radical welcome. To those who didn’t, you missed a rewarding experience, but fear not, another opportunity will come next December.

We have a small number of people who are preparing food for Loaves and Fishes and a dedicated group that shows up regularly to serve the food. Diane Suhler has continued the difficult job of coordinating UUCC’s work and would welcome a lot more support from the membership. Many hands make light work and help prevent burnout. So if you can make a dish or dish out what others make, please see Diane.

We continue support for anti-racism work in the community. Don Love at the Broadway Christian Church has organized a series of book discussion groups around Jim Wallis’ America’s Original Sin, and UUs are active in several of them. Several UUs are members and active participants in Race Matters, Friends working to implement community policing in Columbia and to create a bail bond fund to keep people from losing jobs while awaiting trial. When Faith Voices of Columbia does workshops, you will always find several UUs there.

Upcoming opportunities

Coming up on April 7 we will host an Intercultural Competency Workshop with the Rev. Tamara Lebak, from Tulsa, Okla. Rev. Lebak travels widely helping churches and other organizations develop the skills needed to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment. “Tamara is one of those people who can draw in her audience, get them excited about her topic and then passionate to make a change. She is sincere, funny and genuinely cares about her clients and her audiences getting ideas and best practices that can make a difference. And she’s engaging, there is never a dull moment when Tamara is speaking!” This looks like an opportunity not to be missed. Read more and sign up to attend.

While the good work continues, we could use some more people to join in! The Social Action Team meets the first Sunday of each month in the Forum Room one-half hour after the 11 a.m. worship service ends. Come join us!