Different Kind of Stewardship Campaign

Let’s Break Bread Together!

By Qhyrrae Michaelieu for the Stewardship Team

Have you been under the impression that our yearly stewardship campaign is an uncomfortable experience to be avoided at all costs? I was, until a few years ago. I thought the conversation about pledging to the church must be very awkward and only about money. But then my husband Larry told me about the conversation he had with the church member who called him to talk about stewardship. He told me how they got coffee and had a really enjoyable chat about what was meaningful to him about our church. Not awkward at all, he said, and we really connected. Hmmmmm, I thought, that actually sounds like fun!

This year, our Stewardship Team is seeking to double down on that sense of fun, meaning, and connection as our congregation considers the financial commitments we will each make to the church in the coming year. We’re organizing simple Stewardship Suppers as a chance for groups of 8-10 people to get together for dinner (or brunch!) in a fellow member’s home, to get to know each other better, enjoy each others’ company, and talk together about what the church means to us.

A steward will be present at each dinner to offer a bit of education about why we pledge and what we hope to accomplish together with this year’s campaign, but fear not! No one will be asking you to talk about your family’s financial situation or to share about how much you pledge! That information is shared only with your steward, who will pass it along to the church for record-keeping over the coming year. The idea of these meals is to enjoy each other and to remember why we give to the church… because of all the meaningful things we can accomplish together.

How will these meals work? Our team will be dividing folks into small groups and inviting them to a certain supper or brunch time sometime in the month of February. If you’re unavailable at the appointed time, they’ll find a different supper for you to attend, and if you prefer not to attend, you can RSVP “No Thanks.” We are also still looking for hosts and stewards, so if you’re interested in holding a simple meal in your home or facilitating meaningful conversation, please email Maria Oropallo.

We hope to see you soon for a fun and meaningful conversation… and a tasty bite to eat!

Stewardship Team Members are, back row from left, Ene-Kaja Chippendale, Steve Mudrick, Jan Swaney, Michela Skelton, Maria Oropallo and Dennis Murphy; and front, Qhyrrae Michaelieu.