Volunteers and supplies needed for RATI

Volunteers and supplies are needed for our time hosting Room at the Inn (RATI) from Dec. 3 through the morning of Dec. 18. Click the button below to sign up for a shift:

We also urgently need donations of food and supplies, as follows:

• Items that can be donated any time:

• Cleaning supplies:

Scrubbing bubbles
Disinfectant wipes (3 containers per week)
Paper towels (14 rolls per week)
Toilet bowl cleaner

• Personal Items:

Men’s and women’s underwear
Warm gloves
Hand warmers
Chap stick

• Medication and first aid supplies:

Cough drops
Advil or generic equivalent
Nicotine patches or lozenges
Cold medication
Allergy medication
Sterile gloves
Medication cups

• Food prep and serving items needed weekly:

Zipper-type sandwich bags (4 boxes per week)
Paper plates (1,050 per week)
Coffee and drink cups (1,400 per week) – thick paper hot-drink cups and thinner paper cold
   drink cups preferred – avoid styrofoam
Paper bowls (1,050 per week) – urgently needed because we don’t currently have any

• Weekly food needs:

Condiments (mayonnaise, mustard, catsup, hot sauce) – purchase squeeze bottles or transfer
   into squeeze bottles or condiment cups for sanitary reasons
Salt and pepper
Sugar (35 pounds per week)
Lemonade (7 large cans of frozen lemonade per week)
Other juices (frozen OK)
Hot chocolate packets (5 boxes per week)
Fruit ( 35 pounds per week)
Sandwich meat (28 pounds per week)
Bread (30 loaves per week) – do not buy bagels because many guests have trouble chewing
Peanut butter – creamy or crunchy
Jelly (3 jars per week)
Cereal (8 boxes per week)
Eggs (120 per week)
Milk (14 gallons per week)
Ramen noodles (14 cases per week)
Snack foods such as cookies, crackers and chips

RATI has been an important ministry of our church for the past several years, and our congregation has been very supportive of this ministry. Those of us who have volunteered at RATI have found the experience to be deeply rewarding and spiritually enriching. It is our hope that even more of our membership will will discover those rewards, and the opportunity is now at hand.

For more information about Room at the Inn, go to http://www.roomattheinncomo.org/.