Honduras Ministry Update

The Cangrejal River Valley, where the Honduras Ministry has done latrine building and other projects, is experiencing a leishmaniasis outbreak. This parasitic disease, transmitted by the sandfly, can be deadly and needs to be treated quickly.

Unfortunately it takes the Honduran Health Department about a month to start sending the needed medications to the health clinic in El Pital that serves the river valley. So our Honduras Ministry Team has sent $1,000 to the clinic for medications and supplies, and thus far 20 people have been treated successfully.

Unfortunately the treatment is quite expensive. The Honduras Ministry Team raised another $1,397 at its worship services on Oct. 8 for this cause. Thanks to the very generous help of UUCC, lives are being saved as we speak in this poor rural area of Honduras!

The Honduran community has started a public education campaign about the disease and is working on reducing the breeding grounds for the sandflies.

– Allie Gassmann, Honduras Ministry – email