GST News

In November the Green Sanctuary Team is focusing on “mindful eating” and attending to the food we eat – so that it nourishes the soil from which it springs, the growers who cultivate it and our spirits as well as our bodies. All of this was celebrated at the Harvest Supper Potluck on Nov. 11.

As we move into December and January, the Green Sanctuary Team will focus on the mindful use of energy and materials – attending to how our needs and wants are met, so that we ensure the ability of future generations to meet their needs and wants. Larry Lile recently updated our congregational energy audit, including suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint while potentially lowering our energy bills. Watch for more information to come about energy and materials, and actions that we can take together to improve sustainability, justice and joy in their use.

The energy audit is the final step toward our application to become a candidate congregation for Green Sanctuary certification through the UUA. This is an exciting step for those of us on the GS Team and the congregation as a whole. Want to get involved? Our next meeting is at the home of Ellen Thomas, 2616 Hillshire Drive, on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. Join us!