Fourth Honduras trip a great success

Sixteen UUCC members and friends went on the fourth UUCC service trip to Honduras from June 13 to 20. We built latrines, painted the elementary school, and painted the health clinic inside and out. The gynecologist in our group offered Pap smears to the women of the area.

We strengthened the friendships we had made previously and formed new friendships. And since we stayed in a guest house with just two bathrooms and eight beds, we got to know each other really well too – and came back from the trip having strengthened our friendships between each other!

During our stay the people in the area were having a significant uptick of diarrheal diseases, underlining how important it is to have latrines to prevent spread of such diseases.

We have gotten the Pap smear lab results back by now, and it turns out almost all the women had either STDs or yeast infections. With the funds we have raised, we can make sure that these women get the treatment they need.

We convey the gratitude of the people of El Pital and surrounding areas for UUCC’s generous support!
There will be a worship service about the trip on Oct. 8. See pictures and read more about the trip.


– Allie Gassmann
Social Action Team
Honduras Project Team Chair