Music Director Desi Long Will Retire May 31

Our Music Director, Desi Long, will retire from the position on May 31, 2017. Desi and Rev. Molly sent the following message to the UUCC community:

It is with great celebration of nearly 25 wonderful years of service that we write to inform you of Desi Long’s retirement as music director effective May 31, 2017.

Upon her decision to retire this year, Desi wishes to communicate her love for our congregation and how much she has enjoyed working with staff, musicians and choir members. She plans to remain an active member of the church and to enjoy the flexibility of being able to travel and spend more time with her daughter. Perhaps she can even sleep-in some Sundays!

Molly wishes to express our deep gratitude for Desi’s service and for the strength of our music program. We will be celebrating Desi upon her retirement at our Flower Communion service on Sunday, May 14. Don’t miss it!

Our custom has long been to use volunteer musicians for worship in the summer months, which we will do as usual this summer. This will allow the church adequate time for a process of imagining the future of our music program and engaging a search for our next music director. We all remain committed to great music at the UU Church of Columbia!

In faith,
Desi Long and Rev. Molly Housh Gordon