YRUU Off to Great Start

By Jamila Batchelder, Youth Advisor

We are off to a great start in YRUU (Young Religious UUs)!

We are excited to welcome several new teens to the group, as well as two new advisors, Erica and Kinjal Majumder.

We got to know each other in September, had a fun lock-in, and created our covenant that will guide us through the year. We also planned our fall schedule.

In October, we are looking forward to diving into the curriculum that the teens created for the semester.
We will participate in a workshop with Missouri Faith Voices and do some canvassing against Amendment 6, learn the empowering art of stage fighting from Heather Carver and Kate Busselle, take in the Interpretations Art Show downtown, discuss myths and symbols with Rev. Molly, and see the play Good Kids and discuss it with the playwright, Naomi Iizuka.

It will be a full month with lots of learning and, as always, lots of fun!