Report from UUA General Assembly #1

By Peter Holmes

I put my hand in yours so that we can do together what I cannot do alone.

At the end of July, Amie Burling and I attended the UUGA as delegates representing UUCC. Nearly 4,000 UUs from all across the country met in Columbus, Ohio for five days of workshops, worship, and a chance to come together and take strength from our collective energy.

Because we were meeting in Columbus, the theme for GA was “The Heartland: Where Faiths Connect.” We come from different traditions, we make meaning in different ways, we have different life experiences, and we can still connect and grow together.

In one of the services we were asked to take a nearby person’s hand and say the words, “I put my hand in yours so that we can do together what I cannot do alone.” How about doing this at UUCC on a regular basis to remind ourselves why we go to church?

For me this exercise represented one of the most powerful insights that I carried away from the GA. One of the reasons that I go to church is to feel a sense of connection to other people – but also to feel connected to a larger purpose and to have an impact in the world by working as part of a group.

This is also true for our little church. We can only have a significant positive impact if we join with other UU congregations across the country and speak with one voice.

By attending GA I was able to widen my perspective about the importance of the work the UUA is doing as an organization and pay better attention to how our church might contribute. I am so glad that we are now paying our full dues to support the UUA financially (many other churches are not).

There were many people at GA who are really devoted to spreading the UU gospel and taking action to address injustices. I had not been paying attention to the importance of this work until I went to GA. Now I have seen the light.

I would love our church to give time and energy to this enterprise. I hope more members of our congregation will make the effort to attend GA next year in New Orleans or in 2018 in Kansas City.
Please watch the Sunday morning worship where you might catch a glimpse of me singing in the choir: