Thank-you from Rev. Haney

On Feb. 7, 2016, Rev. Molly received the following thank-you from Rev. Bill Haney for the Founders Day celebration weekend Jan. 30-31 during which Rev. Haney was honored as Minister Emeritus:

To all in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia, this Saturday, 6th of February, 2016:

It is impossible to begin to stretch out to everyone the hand and heart of my abiding love after a week of absorbing all that took place during the celebrations of the church’s life and my past ministry. An overwhelming sense of modesty resides within me after so much love expressed by so many toward me and my call to serve you for two decades. Looking at the photos taken, I see in my face astonishment, even bewilderment responding to your graciousness and generosity beyond any expectations. Saying “thank you” is a dimension quite insufficient for the measure of love, appreciation and celebration you afforded me, Loretta and my family. The grace of your blessings shall abide within my heart and mind for all the hours and days remaining for me. In the midst of this happiness and joy, the sadness of this day cannot escape me as my thoughts and feelings extend to the family of Dwight Rieman and all of you – such a gentle soul.

So many devoted hands and hearts went into the separate events, celebration and worship service consuming the weekend. My gratitude extends to all who volunteered time, money, food, entertainment – and hugs and kisses! To those on the planning team, well done! Special thankfulness is extended to Steve, Joy and Alan for participating in the celebration. Delightful “thanks” to my dear friend, Henry, the Church Mouse. To Kevin for his part in the festivities with his presentation to me, as well as giving up four hours Friday and Monday transporting Loretta and me from and to St. Louis. What a gift by Steve and Andrew taking photos of the events. Special and grateful appreciation for the hospitality afforded by Jackie and David for us and the family. To you, Molly, dearest beloved colleague, for your support and warm welcoming of my family, Loretta and me throughout the weekend. There are more involved than I can recollect or even know, yet my gratitude for all you did and are is unbounded. What a wonder to see all of you and to know how much the church means to you – thank you all!

With abounding and blessed love to all,
Your Emeritus Minister, Bill