Bergfried Campout – Oct. 14-16, 2016

Our first annual UUCC campout at Bergfried near Hermann was a great success, and we plan to make this a regular feature of our church calendar.

We had 20 enthusiastic campers but only one tent (Ellen). Everybody else slept in the cottage, the bunkhouses, the the back of a truck, Larry in his home constructed mini camping trailer, and Kathie and Greg in a hotel. Corrine, Brian, and baby Mann, Maria, Kylie and Qhyrrae joined us for the day on Saturday.

The weather was beautiful, and there were 600 acres of wild land for us to run and play. Robbie, Lyla, and Larry spent many happy hours messing about with ropes and swings. We sat and talked, we napped and walked, we ate food cooked in foil packets on the fire. We watched the sunset over the Gasconade River and sang songs around the camp fire. We enjoyed just relaxing and getting to know each other better.

On Sunday, Oct. 16, we had an open air service to celebrate the beauty of nature and our good fortune to be at Bergfried spending time with each other.

This year we had 20 campers. Next year we expect 40 campers and lots of children because it is too good an experience to miss. See you there?!

– Peter Holmes

The 87 photos in the gallery below were taken by various members of the group. Click any photo to enlarge.