Annual Meeting

An Annual Congregational Meeting is held in April, May or June each year to adopt the budget for the next fiscal year beginning July 1, elect members of the Board of Trustees, hear reports from the President, the Minister and staff members, and conduct any other business specified in the notice of the meeting.

May 21, 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

At the Annual Congregational Meeting scheduled on May 21, 2017 immediately after the 10 a.m. worship service, the following business was conducted:

  1. Approval of the proposed 2017-18 operating budget
  2. Election of Board of Trustees members
  3. Vote on revised Investments and Endowment Policy
  4. Report on status of Building Needs Task Force
  5. Presentation of annual reports

2017-18 Operating Budget

The 2017-18 Operating Budget was approved.

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Election of Board of Trustees Members

Three new members and one continuing member of the Board of Trustees were elected:

Three-Year Terms: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020

Sam Buffaloe and his wife Crystal joined UUCC in 2013. For the past three years, Sam has sung in the choir and has regularly performed with the UU Worship Band during services. He works as an attorney with the appellate division of the Missouri State Public Defender System.



Gretchen Maune began attending UUCC in fall 2014 and became a member in March 2015. She has served on the Social Action Team and volunteered her time with other church groups including R.E., the Grounds Team, and the Honduras Service Project. Early this year, she began chairing our new Accessibility and Inclusion Ministries Team. Her work experience includes community organizing and project management for such groups as GRO (Grass Roots Organizing) and NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. She currently does consulting on electronic accessibility and is exploring other opportunities at nonprofits in the area.

Barbara Rupp joined the church in 1997 and has been a UU most of her life. She served previously on the board in the early 2000s and has participated in activities at the church such as Room at the Inn. She is a retired college administrator.



One-Year Term: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Jenny Bossaller is currently filling a vacancy on the board resulting from a resignation and will now finish filling the seat for the remaining one year of the term. She was also selected to fill a previous board vacancy several years ago.  She joined UUCC in November 2010 and has served as chair of the Religious Education Team. She is an associate professor in the MU Department of Information Science and Learning Technology.


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Vote on revised Investments and Endowment Policy

When the Church Bylaws were amended by vote at the May 18, 2014 Annual Congregational Meeting, the then-existing Investments and Endowments Fund Policy was removed from the Bylaws but continued in force as a board policy until revised. The amended Bylaws provide that revision of the policy must be approved by the membership.

The Board of Trustees approved a proposed revised Investments and Endowment Policy for submission to the members for their approval. The members approved the revised proposal.

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Report on status of Building Needs Task Force

At a congregation-wide meeting early this year, members and friends gathered to discuss our physical facilities. The two questions posed were:

  1. What does our current physical space say about us as a community?
  2. Our mission statement articulates our commitment to radical welcome, deep connection, and helping to heal our world. What would we need to change about our physical space to help us better achieve that mission?

Following up on the all-congregation meeting, the Board of Trustees voted at its March 16, 2017 meeting to establish a Building Needs Task Force. The motion establishing the task force was as follows:

The board authorizes formation of a Building Needs Task Force of at least five members, including one board member, one Facilities Team member, and one person involved in the R.E. program. The task force’s charge is (1) Development and implementation of a plan to discern the desires of the congregation concerning church facilities, using the results of the February 8, 2017 meeting as a starting point; (2) exploration of how to meet the desires of the congregation by researching practical questions including but not limited to costs and locations; and (3) presentation of at least three well-researched options to the board by December 31, 2017.

President Jeremy Milarsky reported on the status of the task force, whose members to date are Kevin Fritsche, Matt Bossaller and Larry Lile. Additional members are being sought by the Nominating Committee.

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Presentation of Annual Reports

Annual reports were presented.

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